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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Free Adult pics Online for Adults

Ok,well I guess everyone knows how to do this by now.....but mabey not!
I meen ,I by no meens am a computer whiz.....rather when I bring this up to
soemone they are usually like "Oh,wow,really?".
Ok here is a very basic technique for finding thiose free pics.

Ya go to say any of these search engines......any will do....
I have listed a few for example purposes only. I defenitely recomend
Google or Yahoo...but some others may work better for certain types of pics.
I only say some may work better for certain pics....because I have not tried to
look for every type of sex pic there is......but overall
Google and Yahoo will work 99.9% of the time/and I would bet on
100% of the time if ya wanna be technical.

A few suggestions:

Ok,so ya go to whatever search engine ya dig....then before ya search.....
make SURE that your search prefernces are set to
"Do Not Filter Search Results".

Once you have that select images as what you are searching for
(this is done by clicking once on Images,which for example is towards
the top of the page next to things like News,Web,etc.).

***NOTE*** You may or may not be able to apply this to video,news
etc,etc,etc. I am only saying this works very well for Images as that
is the only type of search I have used extensively for Adult Content.

Ok,then put in whatever kinda pics ya wanna see!

Like some examples are:

Milf Hunter

.....and so on!

The key is to describe what you want as accurately as possible...using
as few words as possible. There's no special number of words to use,just
try not to use words that are not relevant to the pics you seek.
Just type in whatever...have fun. You may not get the right
search phrase the 1st do not give up. Play
with it a little and you will get it,its not hard at all!

Why the fuck did I have to type all this shit then?

Again most people have just not thought of this.....
just pointing out a cool way to enjoy the internet!:


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