Monday, July 28, 2008


Well I could not log into my old account for some reason,so I am abandoning the page & simply starting a new Blog. Now I was without a PC for over a year,in the meentime having used my Playstation 3 as my primary meens of Internet Access. Why the fuck would you care about that huh? I only mention that as the PS3's built in Web Browser is not worth a shit. Not too mention it was a pain in the ass using the controller & the on screen keyboard. Yes,I did actually buy the wireless keyboard for it - but took it back as it was even more of a pain in the ass than just using the damn controller to begin with!

Anyways,the other Blog is still up at :
Just go to that web address & you can read all of my previous posts. I will be transferring all of the content of that Blog to this Blog (however,if I do not/it is because of technical problems).

Well I think I was able to move most if not all of the content over.....anyways if I can access my old account / I will & transfer what I missed,etc. if there is anyone that cares that is. As in,if there was something on the old blog that you would like to see here,please let me know!

Ok,so now that's outta the way..........& on to the new blog bitches!!!!!!!!!!!
And for those of you whom actually think I was calling you bitches.....yes I was.
Its called Satire people,don't take shit too seriously.
This is a free Blog I make no money from. I just do it because I want to & I can.

and on with the show.......................................

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