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More Hogan JR Crash stuff

Police Interview Driver Of 2nd Car In Hogan Crash
Date Added: August 30, 2007Story By: Andy Steven[Source: TMZ]

TMZ are reporting that a driver of a silver Dodge Viper have been interviewed by Florida police as it may have contributed to Nick Hogan's car accident last Sunday night, which left Nick’s friend in critical condition.Witnesses have placed the silver Dodge Viper near Nick’s car and the crash scene moments before and after the accident. TMZ says that it may not be the only vehicle involved.A rep from the Clearwater Police Department told TMZ, "We suspect there may be other witnesses and we encourage them to come forward."Hulk Hogan owns a silver Viper, however the police have made it very clear that Nick’s father is not a suspect.TMZ are also reporting that in a worst case scenario, Nick Hogan could face charges of gross vehicular manslaughter, if proof of alcohol, excessive speeding or drag racing were involved. The maximum sentence for that offence is 15 years in prison.

Police interview alleged Hogan racer, uncover new pre-crash details

By Christopher Rocchio, 08/30/2007

The driver of a silver Dodge Viper eyewitnesses alleged was racing Hogan Knows Best co-star Nick Hogan's Toyota Supra moments before it crashed Sunday evening has been interviewed by Clearwater police, the St. Petersburg Times reported Thursday.

While Clearwater police spokesman Wayne Shelor did not identify the Viper's driver, the Times reported Nick's father -- wrestling star Terrence "Hulk Hogan" Bollea -- was not behind the wheel.

Mr. Bollea was not in the car, was not driving the Viper and had no proximity to the wreck," Shelor said on Wednesday, according to the Times.

The statement was needed due to the fact that Florida state records show the elder Hogan owns three Vipers: a 1994 roadster, a 2003 roadster and a 2006 roadster coupe. Despite being cleared by police as the Viper's potential driver, the Times reported police have not said if the wrestler owns the vehicle involved in the crash. Pinellas County -- the Florida county that includes Clearwater -- has only about 130 registered Viper vehicles (many of them presumably not in silver), according to the Times.

Although police have not publicly identified who was driving the Viper at the time of Nick's crash, Rabih Cheaib -- a local resident who was one of the first eyewitnesses to speak with reporters following the crash -- told the Times he saw the vehicle return to the scene after Nick's Supra crashed. Cheaib told the newspaper that he he recognized the Viper's driver as Danny Jacobs, a nearby Dunedin resident that he knows through friends, but said he did not know if Jacobs was behind the Viper's wheel at the time of the crash. "He was upset," said Cheaib, who told the Times he saw the police interview Jacobs at the crash scene on Sunday. "His head was down most of the time." Police allege Nick was speeding in a Toyota Supra around 7:30PM on Sunday in Clearwater, FL when he lost control and hit a raised median, spinning the vehicle and causing its rear end to strike a palm tree.

While he was released from Bayfront Medical Center on Monday, his front-seat passenger -- 22-year-old U.S. Marine John Graziano -- is currently in a "medically-induced coma," according to the Times. "It's just a matter of time. It's going to take time," Ashley Berry, Graziano's longtime girlfriend, told a crowd of gatherers at a Wednesday night vigil, Tampa Bay's WTVT-TV Fox affiliate reported. "He's progressing little by little, and we just need everyone to keep praying. He is in critical condition. He is in ICU and we just need everyone to pray." "It's been rough. It's been restless," Berry said of her own bedside vigil. "We've had great people delivering food and stuff. I'm not leaving [the hospital], I'm sleeping on the chairs and stuff." Graziano "hasn't been responsive" since the crash, Barbara Cognetti, a Berry family neighbor who organized the vigil, told The Tampa Tribune. Earlier this week, Graziano's grandmother Catherine told the newspaper that her grandson may have suffered brain damage in the crash. Nick and his family have visited Graziano "several times" since his Sunday evening hospitalization, Tampa Bay's WFTF-TV ABC affiliate reported Thursday, however no Hogan family members attended Wednesday evening's vigil. Nick's whereabouts since being discharged from his own hospitalization on Monday are fairly well known, however what he was doing prior to the Sunday evening crash remained a public mystery until Thursday. Gerri Shephard -- manager at Clearwater Beach resort Shephard's -- told the Times that Nick, his father and at least one friend were at the establishment on Sunday between 5PM and 7PM, adding they stayed on a boat outside the tiki bar. In addition, she claimed Nick and a friend attempted to enter the tiki bar but were refused entrance because they lacked proper identification. On Wednesday J. Kevin Hayslett -- a Clearwater criminal defense specialist who also handles driving-under-the-influence cases -- confirmed the Hogan family had retained his services, but he has yet to comment on the ongoing investigation. Nick has received three speeding tickets in the last year, according to Florida state driving records. Last September, he was ticketed for driving 105 MPH in a 70 MPH zone in Collier County; in February, he was cited for driving 57 MPH in a 30 MPH zone in Dade County; and in April, he was ticketed for driving 106 MPH in a 70 MPH zone in Osceola County. According to the Times, Pinellas Park, FL police also cited Nick for a fourth speeding offense on August 10 -- a 82 MPH in a 45 MPH zone violation that, due to its pending court status, does not yet appear on his state record. He's reportedly due to appear in court on September 10 for the Pinellas Park offense, which took place in a construction zone that had workers present. Due to his speeding history, Nick's license had reportedly been restricted to daylight-only driving, according to WTVT, however it was still daylight when Sunday evening's crash occurred. "Let's just say I have a terrible driving record," Nick openly boasted to RIDES Magazine in an interview published in the magazine's September 2007 issue. During the interview -- which centered around the discusion of a nine-car collection that the 17-year-old presented as his own -- Nick also recounted a recent law-enforcement run-in that involved "his" silver Viper. "In my silver Viper, I was driving from Miami to Tampa," he told RIDES.

"I got pulled over going 107 [MPH] and the guy let me off. He's like, 'Hey, I know who you are, just keep going, ya know.' Dude, I got back on the road and two minutes later I get pulled over going 113 [MPH]. Another highway patrol from the same county said, 'I just heard on the radio that my buddy pulled you over and let you go. I'ma let you go this time. It's your second warning. You get pulled over again, you're probably going to go to jail.'" "Three minutes later, [I was] doing 123 [MPH] in a 50 [MPH zone]. The guy is like, 'Hey, I just heard you got pulled over twice in the last 10 minutes. I got to write you a ticket.'" Charges have yet to be filed from the Sunday night crash, the Times reported.

Nick Hogan -- My Supra Is "A P***y Magnet"
Posted Aug 30th 2007 11:00AM by TMZ StaffFiled under: Celebrity Justice
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Nick Hogan boasted to a magazine not long ago about how girls' panties "start dropping off" at the mere sight of his yellow Supra -- that is, of course, until it ended up in a hideous heap of metal after he totaled it last weekend, leaving his friend John Graziano in very serious condition.

What's more, in an interview in the upcoming Rides magazine, Hogan brags that he got let off not once, but twice by cops, after going over 100 mph in one of his other cars, a silver Viper, because he's a Hogan, and that he didn't get a ticket on the same trip until he was stopped doing 123 mph in a 50 mph zone. Cops said yesterday that a silver Viper was the other car involved in the accident.Elsewhere, Hogan boasts about "dusting" a Ferrari, "stomping out" a Lamborghini, and even racing his parents and sister in their rides. He also posed for a snap -- with his beloved Supra, which he called "the god of the import tuners."

Hulk Hogan JR Car Crash


Hulk Hogan's son, Nick Bollea, 17, drives his yellow Toyota Celica Supra twenty-four hours before crashing and leaving best friend John Graziano, 22, fighting for his life.

Nick races other cars before losing control of his own and wrapping the vehicle around a tree.

Paramedics attempt to pull Nick and John from the wreckage.
The two friends were taken to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.
John Graziano remains in critical condition at Bayfront.

A discharged Nick waits on the health of best friend.
Post Staff Report
August 30, 2007 -- Hulk Hogan's son was street racing the day before he was involved in a horrific crash that left one of his best friends clinging for life, new photos show.
Obtained by Splash News, the pictures taken by a motorist show Nick Bollea racing his yellow Toyota supra in Clearwater, Fla., on Saturday night.
Witnesses have told police that Bollea was racing a Silver Viper when his yellow Supra ploughed into a tree on Sunday evening, leaving his 22-year-old friend, U.S. Marine John J. Graziano, fighting for his life.
Frances Vitalis, a registered nurse from Plant City, saw Bollea's Supra and a silver Dodge Viper revving their engines and racing between traffic signals before the crash.
On Saturday, "He was acting like a jerk, racing the Viper and, at on stage, a Mustang, and probably doing speeds of 80 or 90 mph in an 45 mph limit," the motorist who saw Bollea Saturday night told Splash News.
"They were racing between lights for 10 minutes or more. Speeding off and weaving in and out of traffic. The driving was incredibly irresponsible."
Bollea's father, real name Terry Bollea, is the registered owner of the Viper that is seen in these photographs. But the car was being driven by a youth, aged in his late teens or early 20s, when the photographs were taken on Saturday in Clearwater, Florida.
Clearwater police spokesman Wayne Shelor also declined to comment Wednesday, citing an ongoing investigation. Police so far have said only that excessive speed contributed to the crash.
Shelor issued a statement Wednesday saying Hulk Hogan "was not driving a car beside or near the one his son, Nick, was driving when it crashed." Shelor said Hogan arrived at the scene minutes after the crash.
Bollea appears on VH1's "Hogan Knows Best" with his father, his mother and sister.
Post wire services contributed to this report.

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