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Firefighters pull woman, child from Ladson mobile home fire

Posted: Feb 25, 2010 7:10 AM EST Updated: Feb 25, 2010 11:37 AM EST

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LADSON, SC (WCSC) - An unconscious woman and child were pulled from a mobile home in Ladson during a fire there Wednesday night.

Firefighters responded to the home at Plantation Acres Mobile Home Park where they saw smoke coming from the structure. Inside, firefighters found the woman and child and rushed them to Trident Medical Center for medical evaluation.

Officials said the fire started in the kitchen about 11 p.m.and firefighters quickly put out the blaze. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

No word has been released on the status of the two victims.

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Rising Death Toll, Tsunami Watch After 8.8-Magnitude Quake Rocks Chile

Rising Death Toll, Tsunami Watch After 8.8-Magnitude Quake Rocks Chile

The debris of a collapsed wall on a street is shown in central Santiago, early Saturday, Feb. 27,... Expand

Dozens Dead, Buildings Toppled, Officials Say, in Quake Dozens of Times More Intense Than Haiti's
Feb. 27, 2010

A massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Chile early this morning, killing at least 78 and prompting tsunami warnings in areas as far away as the western coast of the United States.

The earthquake, which hit just after 3 a.m. local time, was 64 times stronger than the one that devestated Haiti last month but was much deeper, likely making the number of casualities far fewer than those in the Caribbean nation.
The minute-and-a-half-long quake was less than 100 miles north from the southwest coastal city of Concepcion, the second-largest city in Chile, but caused damage as far away as the capital Santiago nearly 200 miles away.
Hospitals in the area have been evacuated and the airport in Santiago has been shut down as the country braces to cope with at least 13 aftershocks measuring 5.0 magnitude or stronger. Phone lines and power also are out of service.

Ronald Scott, an American who was staying at a hostel in Santiago when the earthquake hit, told ABC News that while he was terrified, the damage he has witnessed was far less extensive than what he saw reported from Haiti. "It was very scary," Scott said. "The first thing I did was jump underneath the first table I could find and even that was about to collapse on me."
"Everything just started jumping up and down, the lights went out and everything sounded like a railroad train," he said. "The buildings were shaking, but they're still standing because of the construction."
The buildings in Chile are constructed to earthquake standards and therefore can sustain more of a jolt than those in other places.
"Everything is still standing," said Scott. "The only things that are not broken were not nailed down in the house."
Elliot Yamin, a former contestant on "American Idol," had just finished performing at a music festival in Vina Del Mar, Chile, when he said the "rumbling started."
"At first, it was more of a kind of swaying back and forth and then it was a really fast kind of shaking," said Yamin.
In a sixth-floor hotel room, Yamin said he quickly moved to a doorway and then the hallway, and eventually got out of the building safely. Still, Yamin said he feared for his life.

"I thought it was a [6.0-magnitude or a 7.0-magnitude]; I had no idea it was an 8.8," he said. "The shaking and rumbling was just so-- I didn't know if I would make it down the stairs."

"It was surreal. People were panicking and a couple of pregnant women in the hospital were crying," Yamin said. "I shed a few tears. I was pretty emotional."

Yamin saidthe chaos has mostly died down now and that the aftershocks became far less frequent.

Photos of Haiti Before and After the Earthquake

Photos of Haiti Before and After the Earthquake

Aerial shots and ground photos show earthquake's devastation.

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Artie Lange's suicide attempt was off-limits for Howard 100 News

Howard Stern said that the Artie Lange
suicide attempt was too private for his news team to expose.

Examiner Bio

Artie Lange's suicide attempt was off-limits for Howard 100 News

Artie Lange's suicide attempt was never going to be a scoop for Howard 100 News, Howard Stern told Rosie O'Donnell on Thursday's Howard Stern Show-Rosie Radio crossover broadcast.

Stern said that his own personal news team had knowledge of Artie Lange's suicide attempt shortly after it happened, but decided to sit on the story out of respect for Lange's family.

"It was so startling," said Howard Stern. "And I said to the news department, and I rarely--maybe 2 or 3 times since we've been on the air have I ever made a request--for some reason I felt that this was such a private matter...We happened to hear about Artie's suicide attempt and it hadn't hit the paper and the family was trying to keep it quiet. They were desperate for some sort of peace, and I said I don't think we should go on the air with it"

The decision to muzzle Howard 100 News kept the Artie Lange suicide attempt under wraps for four days--unheard of in the age of ruthless internet bloggers and potential pay-offs from big name sources like TMZ. The New York Post's Page Six finally broke the story with graphic details about Lange's 9 self-inflicted abdominal stab wounds on the Thursday after the attempt. The Howard 100 News team began filing reports about the Artie Lange suicide attempt after the story went public.

Howard Stern added the "Howard 100 News Team" to the cast of the Howard Stern Show when the band of gypsies moved to Sirius XM in 2006. The team of reporters covers any and all news related to the Howard Stern Show. Recent Howard 100 News stories have focused on allegations that Jay Leno and his writers are regularly stealing material from the Howard Stern Show and rumors of a new romance for Howard Stern Show co-host Robin Quivers.

Stern, who has made a career out of telling the truth when others were afraid to, couldn't bring himself to shine a light on Artie Lange's wounds."It was so sensitive and Artie is such a good friend and Artie is such a dear sweet guy and I hope he's okay," Stern told Rosie O'Donnell.

Artie Lange is currently receiving treatment at an unnamed 'facility,' and whether he will ever return to the Howard Stern Show remains uncertain.

Listen to a clip from the Artie Lange discussion below

Stern sidekick in suicide try

Stern sidekick in suicide try

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Posted: 12:19 AM, January 7, 2010

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Troubled comic Artie Lange landed in the hospital after stabbing himself nine times in an apparent suicide attempt, sources told The Post. Lange's frantic mom called 911 Saturday morning after she entered his Hoboken apartment and found the bloodied funnyman, a law-enforcement source said. Lange sustained six "hesitation wounds" and three deep plunges. A source close to Lange's management team confirmed that the Howard Stern sidekick stabbed himself, adding that his mother had come to visit him that day to drop off food. Surgeons managed to save Lange despite heavy bleeding. "We all have our demons," Stern said on-air this week, referring to Lange's past battles with addiction. "Artie has given this show tremendous moments of great comedy. He's a tremendous contributor. He is a good man. Don't forget how great he is."

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Artie Lange Suicide Try

January 8, 2010 12:17 PM
Artie Lange Suicide Try: Howard Stern Says "Too Much To Bear" After News Artie Lange Stabs Himself

NEW YORK (CBS) As Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lang remains in the hospital after stabbing himself nine times in an apparent suicide attempt, according to the New York Post, Stern has taken to the airwaves defending his friend and bashing the press.

Photo: Radio host Howard Stern.

(AP Photo/Stuart Ramson)

"I'm pissed off at the sh*thead who got paid $10 bucks to talk to Page Six," Stern said of the Post, who first published details of Lang's alleged medical condition.

Stern said that he was actually hoping the news "wouldn't come out" and that the story would "go away."

"I don't know what to think. I'm angry about it. I'm sad about it. I'm all over the place emotionally," Stern said Thursday on his radio show.

"I work with Artie, I love Artie. Everyone has their demons, including myself, but he's wrestling with some serious stuff. When I heard the news it was too much to bear."

The 42-year-old Lange has been absent from Stern's Sirius radio program for a month. On Monday's show, Stern said Lange isn't leaving the program and called him "a tremendous contributor."

Photo: Artie Lange.


Lange's publicist confirmed that the radio sidekick was hospitalized. The Post says surgeons were able to save him despite heavy bleeding.

Lange's mother called police Saturday morning after entering his Hoboken, N.J. apartment and found the bloodied comedian, a law enforcement source told the New York paper. "Lange sustained six 'hesitation wounds' and three deep plunges," the paper wrote.

"This is a family matter. I don't know what to do," Stern said. "I don't know what to say...just remember who Artie is and what a wonderful guy he is...he's wrestling with some serious stuff...I only wish him well."

Stern attempted to read the Page Six item, but stopped almost immediately. "I just feel sick about this. I don't even wanna read it," he said.

Lange is a New Jersey native who lives in Hoboken and has battled drug addiction. In September, a New Jersey judge revoked his driving privileges for seven months after he admitted he was under the influence of prescribed sleeping pills in a minor traffic accident.

'Growing Pains' Actor Andrew Koenig Found Dead

'Growing Pains' Actor Andrew Koenig Found Dead
By Hollie McKay


The cause of death is currently being investigated by the coroner and there was no indication of any foul play

Andrew Koenig when he was on "Growing Pains" and now.

The body of Andrew Koenig, the actor best known for his role as Richard "Boner" Stabone in the ABC sitcom "Growing Pains" and son of original "Star Trek" star Walter Koenig, was discovered by police in Vancouver almost two weeks after he was reported missing. He was 41.

In a press conference on Thursday afternoon, a spokeswoman from the Vancouver Police Department confirmed that Koenig's body was discovered by a search team on "bridal path" in Stanley Park, which is over 1,000 acres and one of the largest urban parks in North America.

The family was close by when the discovery was made.

The cause of death is currently being investigated by the coroner and there was no indication of any foul play, but due to the sensitivity of the subject the police declined to release any further details.

Walter Koenig also spoke at the conference and said that his son "took his own life" and "was in a lot of pain." Koening's mother asked everyone to respect their family.

In addition to starring in "Growing Pains" from 1985-1989, Koenig also appeared as The Joker in the fan film “Batman: Dead End," starred as the M.C. in the 2007 interactive theater play "The Boomerang Kid," and performed with the improv group "Charles Whitman Reilly and Friends."

SLIDESHOW: "Growing Pains: Now/Then"

His most recent project, “DaZe: Vol. Too (sic) – NonSeNse” with Gary Busey is currently in post-production and slated for release later this year.

And although the Los Angeles-born child star stepped away from a full-time career in front of the lens after "Growing Pains" wrapped in 1989, he continued to pursue various passions in the arts industry.

"Koenig is an inward person, but he is smart, bright, creative, artistic," Walter Koenig's long-time agent and family friend David Moss told earlier this week. “He enjoys directing and cinematography, he's very introspective.”

Those close to Koenig will always remember him for his ability to make others laugh, as he was a regular participant with the Los Angeles "Fake Radio" comedy troupe.

"He was exceptional, did the most amazing improv acts and was just so funny," friend Tony Williams said.

Koenig was also a prominent activist with a vested interest in array of different causes. According to his father's Web site, Koenig was arrested at the Rose Bowl in 2008 while protesting the United States involvement in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in China.

The actor/activist resided in Venice Beach, Calif., but recently cleared out his apartment for unknown reasons. According to family and friends, he suffered with depression and around the time of his disappearance sent a letter to his parents that had a "despondent" tone.

Fellow child star Alyssa Milano was one of the first to “tweet” her respects.

“RIP Andrew Koenig, missing since Valentine's Day, was found dead in Vancouver, Canada,” Milano tweeted.

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Georgetown man charged, mother killed by sword

News - Local
Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010
Georgetown man charged, mother killed by sword
By Tonya Root -

Georgetown County police charged a 29-year-old man in the death of his mother, who was found slain with a sword, according to officials.

Jonathan Maurice White was charged Monday with murder in the death of Laura Ferrante, 51, said Lt. Neil Johnson, with the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office.

Police found Ferrante in the home she shared with White and a mentally challenged adult at 531 Prior Drive, said Georgetown County Coroner Kenny Johnson.

Police found Ferrante's body on the floor of the home with a large "cutting injury to her left head and neck," Kenny Johnson said.

An autopsy is set for later today at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

The other adult in the home went to a neighbor's house, who notified police that something had occurred at the home and gave officers a description of the 2000 Ford Taurus that White left in, according to police.

A deputy responding to the incident saw White driving north on U.S. 17 about a mile north of the city limits of Georgetown and stopped him just after midnight Monday morning, Neil Johnson said.

The incident began around midnight when Ferrante and White argued, Johnson said. At some point the argument became physical, which led to Ferrante's death by her being cut multiple times with a sword.

"It was an argument between him and his mother," Neil Johnson said, but did not elaborate on the motive.

White is being held at the Georgetown County Detention Center.

A criminal history from the State Law Enforcement Division showed White was arrested in March 1999, September 2003 and April 2006 on various misdemeanor violations that included traffic offenses, trespassing and first-offense criminal domestic violence.

White was arrested in August 2006 and charged with misdemeanor trespassing and a felony charge of assaulting a police officer while resisting arrest, according to SLED records.

For the felony, he was sentenced to four years in prison, which was suspended for time served and two years on probation.

White was sentenced to 30 days in jail for a misdemeanor trespassing charge that was filed at the same time.
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Google Links To Fort Jackson Incident

Army Investigates Alleged Attempt by Soldiers to Poison Food at Fort Jackson

Army Investigates Alleged Attempt by Soldiers to Poison Food at Fort Jackson

Monday, February 22, 2010

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The U.S. Army is investigating allegations that soldiers were attempting to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson in South Carolina.

The ongoing probe began two months ago, Chris Grey, a spokesman for the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division, told Fox News.

The Army is taking the allegations “extremely seriously,” Grey said, but so far, "there is no credible information to support the allegations."

Five suspects, detained in December, were part of an Arabic translation program called "09 Lima" and use Arabic as their first language, two sources told Fox News. Another military source said they were Muslim. It wasn't clear whether they were still being held.

Grey would not confirm or deny the sources’ information.

Fox News' Catherine Herridge contributed to this report.

Luke Air Force Base, AZ: Car Runs Security Gate, One Dead

February 23, 2010 12:08 PM EST (Updated: February 23, 2010 12:54 PM EST)
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An incident at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona has left one dead, after a car ran a security gate. The car had previously been reported stolen.

Luke Air Force Base is located located seven miles west of the central business district of Glendale, in Maricopa County, AZ. The base is named after World War I Medal of Honor recipient and former Phoenix, AZ native, Lieutenant Frank Luke, Jr. Luke was also the first U.S. aviator to receive the Medal of Honor.

The mission statement of Luke Air Force Base, from its website, is "Train the world's greatest F-16 fighter pilots and maintainers, while deploying mission ready warfighters."

The incident happened at about 11 p.m. Monday. The driver and another occupant drove the stolen car through the entrance to Luke Air Force Base in Arizona without stopping as required. Security forces set up a roadblock on a bridge leading to the operational side of the base. When the car drove directly at a security officer, he opened fire, fearing for his life.

The car then crashed. One of the suspects was pronounced dead at the scene. It is unclear if he died as a result of shooting by Luke Air Force Base personnel, or if he died in the crash.

The other suspect was air-lifted to St. Joseph's Hospital. That man reportedly is in serious condition.

Authorities currently believe the Luke Air Force Base incident is not an act of terrorism, simply a car theft gone bad. In the wake of last week's crash of a private plane by Joe Stack into an office building, it's hard to see this without wondering if there is some government fallout involved, however.