Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quentin “Rampage” Jackson Has a Real Life GTA IV Exeperience

Quentin “Rampage” Jackson Has a Real Life GTA IV Exeperience

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My take: Quentin “Rampage” Jackson, one of the most well known fighters in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) was arrested for leading police on a high speed chase through the streets of Southern California. He was then given a psychiatric evaluation and is now in the psych ward. Now for starters, anyone who has the nickname rampage is going to have some issues. Is it really a shock to anyone that a guy who fights for a living and has a middle name “rampage” would have some anger or rage issues?

For me this arrest leads to larger question about MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and UFC. Both MMA and UFC are growing very quickly. In ESPN magazine this month, there was an article on a ten year old MMA star. For those who don’t know, MMA is like boxing except you can use grabs and kicks as well as punches to pulverize your opponent. The first MMA fight on network television was held last month on CBS and it received outstanding ratings.

MMA is by far the most violent sport accepted and covered by the main stream media. For me, MMA represents a threshold that sport has crossed. In violent sports there is a dichotomy between who you are on the field, on the floor, or in the ring and who you are off floor, field, and ring. When those two personalities cross, that is when there is trouble. I believe that to be successful in this sport you need to be a violent person, a person so violent, that violence and anger are not just part of your sporting life, but your personal life as well. How can you literally be a trained killer and cheered on by millions, and then become docile and “normal” the second the lights go off? As a society we have created Quentin’s rampage. I’m not saying that MMA isn’t fun to watch or entertaining, we just can’t be shocked when something like this happens again with another ultimate fighter.

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