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The following is a statement from Underground Video Inc. about the alleged photographs and stories of Billy Meier concerning the Pleiadian visitors he encountered.

Recently Underground Video began an in-depth inquiry into the most sensational UFO case in history. Our investigation first began as a supportive effort to verify the known fact of the Meier case to present the truth of alien-human contact to skeptics.

With the assistance of members from the Hollywood special effects team of the UltraMatrix Corporation we studied the Meier photographs and claims made by Meier's Talmud Jmmanuel, Genesis III Publishing, Light Years by Gary Kinder, The Pleiadian Connection by Randolf Winters, and the movie Contact. We also spent considerable time tracking the claims of "computer expert" and "Ph.D." Jim Dilettoso, as well as claims made through Michael Hesemann by Guido Moosbrugger from Meier's FIGU cult in Switzerland.

After six months of intense inquiry, with the assistance of cinematographers, physicists, and computer analysts from TotalResearch, we found the claims of the representatives of the Meier case to absolutely untrue. We discovered miniature models, and a variety of deceptive methods used to create this hoax. Additionally, an undercover "hidden camera" investigation penetrated the Meier cult in Switzerland, revealing irrefutable scientific evidence of FRAUD.

Underground Video was one of the foremost defenders of the Meier material. We are DISAPPOINTED to now learn the ENTIRE case is a hoax. Representations of any authenticity with regard to this case made by alleged scientific examination has proved to be totally unreliable and misleads the general public into believing a carefully fabricated lie. The persons who authenitcated the Meier case are not credible scientists nor investigators.

Any previous representations of authenticity of the Meier case in the Underground Video catalog should be ignored. Our findings will be presented to the Attorney General for possible prosecution for a Consumer Class Action Suit for Fraud. Underground Video will continue to make the Meier material available to investigators and the general public who desire to study the hoax and how it had been sold to the public for nearly 20 years.

Anyone who had previously purchased any Meier materials may write Underground Video to be included in a CONSUMER CLASS ACTION SUIT.

Underground Video
Meier Class Action Suit
PO BOX 527
Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0527

Along with Underground Video's statement is a photograph showing one of Billy Meiers alleged Pleiadian beamships taken in 1981. After computer enhancement and careful scrutiny, it has been shown the Beamship is really a miniature model made out of an upside-down cake pan, disconnected copper hose fitting, a bracelet, carpet tacks and various other identifiable objects.

The Meier photograph of the beautiful Pleiadian alien, Semjase, turned out to be a photocopy of a model from a Sears Catalog. Another one of Meier's photographs, where he allegedly traveled into the future aboard a Pleiadian Beamship to photograph the aftermath of a 9.0 earthquake in San Francisco showing the toppled Trans-America building, turned out to be a realistic looking painting from a geology magazine article about earthquakes. On top of these damning examples, every single one of Billy Meier's photographs of Pleiadian ships have been shown to be of third, fourth and even fifth generation(photographs of photographs) This means the he likely airbrushed suspension wires and other signs of fraud. There is not one example of an original, first generation Billy Meier photograph. On top of that, it has been shown that the reflections on some of the Pleiadian ships are not consistent with the position of the sun, indicating possible superimposition techniques. To top it off, a reporter found a bunch of miniature models exactly matching many of the Pleiadian ships shown in his photos. His ex-wife has come out to denounce him as a fraud as well. The evidence is overwhelming that whole Billy Meier story is unquestionably, absolutely, completely and totally 100% BOGUS. Case Closed!

Billy Meier and his cohorts, have made a lot of money out of this scam. I applaud Underground Video for seeking the truth about the Billy Meier scam and disassociating itself from any involvement with Meier. Billy Meier has done more to hurt the legitimate field of UFO research than any other person alive today. It's really a shame.
Michael Taylor

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