Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Amsterdam Craze: Smart Car Tipping

Amsterdam Craze: Smart Car Tipping

If you’ve ever been to a rural area you’ve probably heard of cow tipping. Now the latest craze in Amsterdam is tipping those tiny Smart cars into the canals.

Smart cars are small enough to be parked perpendicularly, which means that either its head or tail is often pointing to the water. What’s a young vandal to do? Throw that sucker into the drink, of course!

The so-called ‘Smart tossing’ usually
takes place on the weekends when young folks are roaming the streets at night. Most canals have a low guard rail that prevents cars from falling into the water, but the Smart car is light enough to be lifted and tossed over.

Once a Smart car hits the water, it’s usually a total loss for the unlucky owner.

Police in Amsterdam have not wanted to publicize Smart car tipping for fear of encouraging copy-cats. However, officers are now paying close attention to the city’s canals.

photo credit: tinou bao

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