Friday, August 8, 2008

ABC: John Edwards admits affair after denying for months

ABC News: John Edwards Admits to Affair

ABC News: John Edwards Admits to Affair
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John Edwards has admitted to having an affair with filmmaker Rielle Hunter, according to ABC News.

In an interview with Bob Woodruff that will air tonight on "Nightline," Edwards reportedly says that he did not love Hunter and also claims that he did not father her infant daughter Frances, although he has not taken a paternity test.

Edwards reportedly tells Woodruff that he can't be the baby's father due to the timing of her birth last February.

ABC reports that Hunter was hired by Edwards' presidential campaign to produce documentaries for his web site, and that Hunter traveled with Edwards to locations in the U.S. and Africa. According to ABC, his political action committee paid her $114,000 for her services.

Edwards reportedly tells Woodruff in the interview that his wife of 31 years, Elizabeth, who gave birth to four children with the former Senator, found out about the affair in 2006. Elizabeth is currently suffering from incurable cancer, but Edwards reportedly told Woodruff that her cancer was in remission when the affair began.

Edwards reportedly discloses to Woodruff that he visited Hunter at a Beverly Hills hotel last month, and his wife did not know about that visit.

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